Guide to popular window styles

Consider your home’s windows: Do they let in the right amount of natural light? Are they energy efficient, or are they driving up your utility bills?

With efficient windows that look great, you can improve the aesthetics of your home while also saving money. But it isn’t always easy knowing what type of window is in style and which one is right for your home. 

Here are some popular window styles you should know about:

Double-Hung: Though you may not know them by name, this is a classic type of window that has two framed sections, the bottom of which slides up and down. They’re durable and are able to be opened and closed with ease.

Casement: Looking for something modern, minimal and functional? Then you’ll probably like casement windows, which are built on hinges and swing open like a door. They also keep out drafts more effectively than double-hung windows.

Skylights: Skylights offer a source of natural light from up above. They also add a sense of dimension and added space to your room.

Slider: If you’re looking for something simple, durable and affordable, slider windows could be a good choice. These slide open along a horizontal track, making them easy to open and close.

Fixed: Are you focused on saving energy? Then a fixed window, which doesn’t open, might be right for your home. They offer a timeless look and bring simplicity to your home. 

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