How to maintain your roof

Have you checked on your roof lately? Are there any damaged shingles? How do your gutters look? If you haven’t inspected your roof recently, it’s worth taking a look. 

Your roof is a big investment. And with regular maintenance, you can prolong its life span — and likely save yourself some money, too. 

Want your roof to last a while? These seven easy tasks can help you keep it in top shape: 

1. Mind the Moss

Is your roof turning a slightly green color? It could be moss, and that’s bad for the life span of any roof. Take the time to clean it off so it doesn’t spread and decay the roof.

2. Tackle Tree Branches

Overhanging branches are a danger to your home, especially during a storm. They can snap in high winds — wrecking your roof and possibly causing structural problems, too.

3. Look for Storm Damage

After a storm, do a visual inspection of your home. Check for damage, such as downed power lines or loose or damaged roof flashing. If you see any issues, schedule an appointment to get it fixed soon.

4. Be Proactive About Shingles

Missing, flapping or otherwise damaged shingles need attention. It’s not always wise to just tack them back into place. Replacing worn shingles will reduce your chances of a leaky roof.

5. Stay on Top of Sealants

If your roof has any type of sealant in place, it may need reapplication annually. It’s especially important to check the sealant’s integrity along heating and cooling exhausts, chimneys or other structures.

6. Clean the Gutters

Remove blockages at least twice a year, and consider installing guards to stop leaves from getting into the gutters in the first place.

7. Get Yearly Inspections

Inspecting your roof before winter is critical. It’s the best way to confirm that the roof is in working order. 

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