Is Siding Replacement Necessary?

Just like a roof covers your head, siding covers your body. Could you imagine having an umbrella in the rain and wind with ripped clothes. Your head is protected but the wind is blowing and the rain is hitting your body through the ripped clothes.

Now, that water spreads and is trapped behind your clothing and it’s either absorbed by the clothes or if more water intrudes, it will make your body wet and if you do not dry yourself, you get water wrinkles. You see, we can dry ourselves by removing our clothes and prevent these water wrinkles but you cannot remove the damaged siding to let the sheathing and walls to dry and install the same siding back. 

The moisture is trapped in there and over time it penetrates siding, sheathing, and worst case is framing and drywall. This develops into dry rot. This is why as soon as you see dry rot on your siding, it should be immediately repaired if possible. If it is not taken care of, the damage will scatter and a full replacement will be needed as there is no way to detect where else the water has penetrated without the entire removal of the siding.

Do not wait any longer, especially for this winter to pass and if you already see visible dry rot to consider a re-side. With the best products available and industry-leading warranties to financing options as low as 5.34%, it has never been a greater time to do a home improvement specifically to keep your “body” (siding) in shape 🙂