Think your siding will hold?

Can you hold another winter like last year to let your siding get worse?  

Do you see slight rot in your siding, is the damage scattered, do you see slight warping, nails overdriven or rust on nails pulling out?

These are all signs that your siding needs to be replaced. Many people know when to get their roof changed because they usually get it done on average about 25-30 Years which is about how long asphalt shingle roof lasts or you’ll get a leak as soon as it rains and replace the roof.

If you have stucco, you will see cracks but usually those can be repaired but stucco is not able to contract and expand so when the earth moves (and in CA we know it moves)  it stays still and starts to crack and as the saying goes “Don’t crack under pressure”. When you start to have leaks from windows it is also another indication of potentially replacing stucco. Also, replacement might be neccesary if you see the stucco start to warp or bend slightly which can be due to not having any sheathing which most likely means you do not have insulation either. 

With siding, it’s complicated with so many different products on the market from pine, redwood , or even engineerd wood the longevity of these products can vary on maintenace, weather, and strength of product. Since the rain does not directly hit the siding as the roof, you may never know that the water is penetrating the  sheathing (plywood) and framing until you start to see rot. Now if the damage is concentrated in one area alone then partial replacement will work. If there is damage in more than 2-3 areas then that whole wall and ultimately entire siding on home should be replaced with a superior product. 

Below is a video of a before and after project. The worst side was the left but we also discovered rot on all other sides that looked normal. 

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